Friday, July 24, 2009

vury gurly

When I was working towards buying a pop-up tent for craft shows, my Momma found out that I was coming up a little short---and she decided to craft something for me to sell that would help me raise the funds.

Momma put together a fun novelty item: fuzzy flip flops! The fun fur is crocheted onto the straps of the sandal with coordinating colors, of course. She acquired about 30 pairs of flip flops and yards and yards of fun fur, and within about 3 weeks she'd managed to make them all. Truth be told, I think she still has alot of materials left over.

Selected 'wildwood flip flops' are available for bidding during the
48forLarry Radiothon on Blockhead Radio.

'Miss Hottiness'

direct from Pensacola Beach...

bright fushia sandals with printed exotic florals are topped off with fancy, furry aqua straps!

Remarkably comfortable and decidedly flirty... strut your stuff on the beach like a beauty queen:)

Get your bid in on these fun summer flip-flops!

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