Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The Mayo Mask

As part of our TOUGH TIMES show on Blockhead Radio, I selected a helpful household tip to try out and fill you in on the results. This week's experiment

The Mayo Mask:

use mayonnaise as a facial mask for soft, moist skin

This experiment started out pleasant with cool, creamy mayo

After spreading the condiment, I enjoyed a refreshing and not too sticky face

In just a few minutes (the original tip called for a 20 minute set) the warmth of my skin caused the mayo to 'melt' so I decided to bail out

The smell was suddenly very bad

Good thing I removed the goo when I did, becasue it was causing redness! oh my!

even 30 minutes after the treatment, my skin was still irritated.

But don't worry about me... I'm alright:)

In the final report, Mayo Mask did not prove it's beauty powers on me---and I'd recommend a sammich instead.

Thanks to all the listeners on BHR for sending in those thrify tips! Special thanks to my co-host, and BHR's Biggest Stalker.... Marie with Skyline Candle Co.


~~Sew Happy Designs~~ said...

Oh my, glad you made it back from the "mayo experiment" with your face in tact! Me thinks I will stick to my Roc products!

Skyline Candle Company said...

I love this!! Too Cute! :)

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