Monday, September 14, 2009

gift from Taiwan

When my friend, Lee was planning to travel back to Taiwan to visit her family, she wanted to
bring something back for me. A gift. Something that would "encourage my art". I suggested that Lee bring back a small piece of unfinished wood for my crafting business.

As the departure date got near, Lee would ask questions about what I'm working on. Each time, she would say: I can bring you some wood from Taiwan for this.

Lee returned, and as promised she had packaged a special gift for me: crosscut pieces of wood from Taiwan! She took her family members around various shops during the month she was there. One day they found a specialty booth and selected these pieces for me.

Lee was sure to include the business card for me, although I cannot read the launguage I certainly appreciate the gesture. Lee is patiently awaiting my creation...and I'll be posting more about this friendship project as I work.

Thank you Lee

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