Sunday, April 25, 2010

if it aint broke

...then don't fix it.

The small town where I live has long adopted the image of a broken wagon wheel as it's symbol. In 1797 Nolensville was founded when the Nolen family of settlers was stranded after a mishap with their rig. When the wheel broke, they realized they were in a good spot for a homestead. Plentiful water, game and lands to farm.

some locals feel that a busted up wagon wheel gives off the wrong message. What will people think when they see an old wheel with a cracked spoke? Will they see a repair that was never made? Or will they see what the Nolens saw... a sweet spot to live.

I for one, hope the community continues to display the old wheel.
But, like everything, if someone is willing to pay enough money, then they can have the icon whatever they would like.

What are we gonna do with all these old wagon wheels....

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