Thursday, October 15, 2009

25 years together

We are celebrating our 25th Wedding Anniversary today!

Let me take you back to October 1984. The arrangements and decorations have been a group effort by both our families, and our closest friends are there to wish us well. An evening ceremony will make for nice candlelight, and the beautiful church is a lovely setting.

When I arrived at the church in my wedding gown with one small makeup bag,I made a quick turn into the ladies room. In about 5 minutes I came into the lobby, and I guess that was the cue for the ceremony to begin.

I remember the pride I felt when I saw Jody at the altar. I don't recall anyone else being there at that moment. We were both shaking and smiling. It was perfect.

Over the years, I have learning to appreciate the good marriage we have. And I look forward to 25 more years with my Jody:)


Anonymous said...

Congrats Carey.......hope the day is wonderful

Anonymous said...

Hooray for love well-seasoned! Congratulations and best wishes for your happy day...and life.


Michael said...

Congrats and best wishes!!!

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