Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Alien Orange

Have you ever noticed a tree that drops green fruit the size of a softball? Those are Osage Oranges and sometimes called horse apples.

Bright green, bumpy and very heavy this fruit is mostly seedless. A white, sticky sap fills the center and oblong seeds are sometimes found.

The fascinating orange has a delicate citrus smell, however it is not edible. Eating an Osage Orange may cause vomiting, even though it is not considered poisonous to humans. Wild animals won't even attempt to eat it.

The Osage tree was the preferred material for making bows amoung Native Americans. Meriweather Lewis was told that the people of the Osage Nation "esteem the wood of this tree for the making of their bows; that they travel many hundred miles in quest of it"

To me, the fruit of this tree is bizarre. It looks like some Alien brain or strange plant from another world.


Trish said...

Thanks for leaving such a lovely comment on my blog! I always wanted to know what those were called! I remember seeing them when i lived in Indiana. They do look like an alien or brain...very interesting. Your blog is awesome. Great photos!

Anonymous said...

Dear Carey Lynn,
Thank you for great information. I already wanted to make blog whit question about this plant. I found it in Serbian city of Nis along the road as a hedge. Interesting is that I never saw this plant before anywhere in Serbia.


Kelly Sessions said...

I just found these yesterday, and thanks to your blog finally know what they are! Thank you!

Kiz@Kizington said...

Enjoyed your post. An answer to "I always wondered".....

bswxby said...

Thanks, I found a bunch of these on the side of the road and ALMOST ate some. Phew! B.Scott- Maryland

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