Saturday, October 10, 2009

delightful kitchen apron

My little shop on ETSY is filled with vintage goods from the 1940's - with a special shop section for the wonderful collection of VINTAGE APRONS that are available for sale:

$20 for any of the waist-tied styles you see here - just click on the photo to follow a link to the apron. These vintage aprons bring back so much love from the past, and they are a delight to wear while working in the kitchen.

Take a look at this pair of vintage smocks that my cousin Lucy got for her birthday:


Lucy and Mama helped me come up with names for the aprons that I have listed. I still have one more apron to name...maybe my blog readers would like to try?

Get a 10% discount on aprons from my shop in the month of October

Enter the code "LUCY" when you process your order on Etsy...

then wait for me to send you an adjusted paypal invoice

to your email address for your 10% savings

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