Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pokerwork: an Old Fashioned craft

Pokerwork is "writing with fire". It's sometimes called pyrography, but usually called woodburning. A simple process of using a hot tool to scorch the wood surface that can have amazing results. With practice, one can gain incredible control of the tool.

Pokerwork allows for rough and raw appearance, or it can be delicate and precise. Special surfaces (like gourds or cork) can present some pretty tough challenges; like this rolling pin. The effect of the burning is permanent, making the finished item one that will be forever be altered.

As a woodburner, I welcome the difficult details. I seek out the intricate and tricky application of my talent. My craft requires great patience and bravery, so I must bring those traits when I burn. I've met many fascinating woodburners and woodworkers that have developed their own style, and I'm always picking their brain for more.

Visit my ArtFire shop for my pokerwork that is for sale; or you can stop by youtube and view my woodburning videos.

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