Saturday, October 24, 2009

Snuggie and Crocs together at last

If the bill-shaped, bright colored footwear didn't capture your interest...

then perhaps you'd be impressed with Snuggie?

Why not have the best of both worlds and wear the Crocs with a Snuggie!?

The fleece-looking panels of the Snuggie allows for the wearer to 'go turtle' and hide their head under the material.
Cross between a superhero cape
and a bath the individual the
"I've- just-been- rescued-from-a-flood"


Then adding the molded plastic shoes

that make you waddle when you walk If you glance down at your crocs

while entering the hosptial, your feet look alot like a happy clown who's come to entertain the children.

headlines read:


Don't go there. Please.

I'm waiting to see a Snuggie/Crocs combination on one of my favorite TV shows"

officer #1: Halt! police!
(takes pursuit)

(pursuit ends quickly, suspect cannot run in Crocs)

officer #2: arms behind your back...wait, your back. hmm, where's his head going?

officer #1: I think that is his back, go ahead and cuff him so I can search this bathrobe

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