Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tate the Great; Part III

My GreatUncle, Tate Bower served with honors in WWII. This series of articles will interest readers and also allows me to give tribute to a brave man.

Tate's 62nd Armored Field Artillery Battalion was active in the Eurpoean Theater Be sure to view some photos of the soldiers here. They were sent to N. Africa to fight Germans with Patton's Own 3rd Army.

As they moved forward to Bizerte, Tunisia, Tate saw thousands of Germans surrender. He said they were so glad not to captured by Russians, they put down their weapons and walked down the road to a holding area. Tate recalls the hills and roads were blanketed with German soliders walking to that place.

In the Tunisia Campaign, 230,ooo German and Italian troops were taken as prisoners of war.

Photo of Tate's parents:

Be sure to catch the next in our 'Tate the Great' series - and find out Tate's role in D Day.

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