Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tate the Great Part IV

This series of articles is in honor of my GreatUncle, Tate Bower and his distinguished service during WWII.

As part of Patton's 3rd Army, 62nd Armored Field Artilley Battalion, Tate was sent from Casablanca to Tunisa to Italy. And now his unit was shipped to Scotland to prepare (and to wait) for D Day. On June 6th they crossed the English Channel and landed at Normandy. A soldier next to Tate, named Pilch was killed.

Tate was wounded by some schrapel that hit him in the shoulder. The projectile traveled to his back, where it is still lodged today. Tate was sent back to the States with 2 bronze stars.

For details about the Invasion of Normandy - follow the links built into this article. Part V of 'Tate the Great' will cover his medals and the documenting of Tate's experiences during and after The War.

Another great link to explore ; eyewitness accounts of D Day

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