Sunday, November 15, 2009

the army career of Haslam the Private

New Caledonia

June 1, 1942

Today I go on guard duty with Gig & Pancho from 10 P.M. to 2 A.M.

June 2, 1942

Corp. Bill Williamson came down in the Jeep last night & talked to Gig & I while we were on guard. When Mike Boyle came on at 12 he did the same. Sun. we were issued cigarettes, soap, candy, etc. The Army career of Haslam the Private almost came to an untimely end this morning when Pancho shot through the tent between Gig & I. He was cleaning his gun.

June 7, 1942

Today is Sunday and we have it off. Had breakfast this morning of pancakes & cereal as usual. Haven't had my mail for almost 4 months now. Last night, Hoplinger the bugler while on guard, took a shot at a fellow using a flashlight in the depot.

Thurs. June 8, 1942

Have the day off due to our being on guard last night. Today I made myself a foot-locker. I am going to the show tonight to see "Navy Blues" with Ann Sheridan and Jack Oakie. This is the rainy season here now & we get loud bursts every 15-20 minutes. Was also off yesterday but didn't do much of anything except play a little football in the afternoon with "Gig"


This is Harry's War Diary. Every effort is made to be true to the original.

Harry M. Haslam (1919 - 2007) was my father-in-law. We hope to honor Harry's time spent in the army during WWII. Harry's birthday was on November 15th and today we'll be sharing some fond memories of him.

The footlocker in the photo is not the one that Harry made that day - it's actually the footlocker from his C.C.C. station in Reno. In later posts, you'll see the contents, Harry's uniform and other surplus that have been preserved.

There are several entries in the diary that mention a near miss from friendly fire, and as the incidents increase, Harry becomes angry about the carelessness.

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