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Chico the deer

New Caledonia
June, 1942

Most of the fellows went into Pieta this morning to have their teeth examined. The rest of us go Wed. Spent most of the morning camoflauging the shells in No. 1 Area. "Gig" & I sprayed the brown paint & Wiesimmel & Ricco sprayed the green. This evening we hauled rocks for the new depot. I am not on guard tonight, though "Gig", Wiesimmel & Dobek are.

Tues. June 23, 1942

Today we have another day off, since we pulled guard last night. Heard this morning that Libya fell & that the Germans made a new advance on the Russians. This evening, just before dark, they arrested the little French boy again (16 yrs. old) It seems he stole a wallet. He is "Blondies" brother. They caught him down by the creek. I think I will go to the show in Noumea.

Wed. Jun 24, 1942

We all went to have our teeth examined at the American Hospital in Pieta. Mine was +2 which means I have to have a cavity filled. Last night, I saw "Dark Victory" with Bette Davis & George Brent. This evening I had scalding water (coffee) poured on my head when I accidentally ran into Bill Williamson at chow. "Gig" recieved a letter from his girl today & she said she was going to become and Army Nurse and "Gig" is very upset about it. Her name is Eleanor.

Thurs. June 25, 1942

Today we are building roads for the new depot again. Dobek & I worked on the truck. I am on guard tonight with Rakitka, Johnson & Nothern from 10 to 2 on Post 2.

Friday June 26, 1942

We have another day off due to the fact that we pulled guard duty last night. We camoflauged our tents the other day with green & brown paint.

Sat. June 27, 1942

We're still building roads again today. "Chico" the deer won't hardly eat anything since Tony Natashi went up to Bulla Paree.

Sun. June 28, 1942

Today the whole camp had an off day. Had rifle inspection this morning. I got "Gigged" for mine because it was pitted. Lt. Irwin is going to inspect them again at 4:30. Thornton & Bill helped me clean my gun this morning. Gig also got stuck for his Tommy-gun. Played the Air Corps a game today & won both games 9 to 2 & 10 to 8. Bob McMann played second base for the Air Corps. The "Air Cobras" are equipped with 7 guns ( 4 0 30 caliber mcahine guns, 2 - 50 caliber & 1 - 20 inch cannon)


This is Harry's War Diary. These entries represent one week in Harry's journal during his service in The Solomon Islands during WWII. Their camp was located near Dumbea, but they often went to Noumea for the movies.

When Harry says he had scalding coffee poured on his head, he means that it was a mishap. Of this, I am sure.

Are we to gather from this that they had a pet deer? Yes. there was a photo of a deer taken with Harry's brownie camera.

Blondie was a local lady that took care of their laundry. As the diary continues, you will find out that Blondies farm was one of the few places they could go to get away from camp.

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