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the darling

New Caledonia
Oct. 18, 1942

We had early chow because Harry Talgo, our 1st Sgt. is going to sing. The picture is "Green Hell" with and exceptionally good cast.

Mon. Oct. 19, 1942

Couldn't sleep much this morning because it was so hot. Bill started fixing our new swimming hole. It's up by Smokey's corral. There will be a show at the 97th Pack Howitzer tonight.

Tues. Oct. 20, 1942

The picture last night was "Three Sons" with Edward Ellis, William Gargan & two winners of the Gateway to Hollywood (Virgina Vale, etc) Pete Berringer brought us back to the corral in his truck around 10:30 & we fried some eggs & I showed him how to saddle my horse. Went on guard with Bob at 12 P.M.

Wed. Oct. 21, 1942

It was hot this morning, I could hardly sleep, so I got up around 2 P. M. & took a nice swim in
the creek & took a shave.

Thurs. Oct. 22, 1942

This morning it was much cooler so I slept until 2 P.M. It was a beautiful night last night. The moon was out & it was very warm. Have just finished taking a bath, the water was very cold.

Fri. Oct. 23, 1942

Recieved a new diary yesterday evening after chow. I was so proud of it, I showed it to everyone here at the corral. It was so sweet of Mom & Dad to send it. Started raining about 4 O'clock this evening & we had to go to chow in the rain. After chow, we had one of the biggest mail-calls since we have been on the island & there is still plenty downtown. The A.P.O. is full and the French postoffice & a warehouse. Rec'd 6 letters from home, 3 from Mom, one from Sis & two from my darling Marjorie dated on Sept. 25 & 26. She said she was going to write me every night from now on (the darling). Kruse got a big package.

Sat. Oct. 24, 1942

This morning it started raining even though I was off I had to stay inside the tent. Ben came back from town late this evening.


This is Harry's War Diary

This entry is where we learn of the 3rd diary that Harry kept during his service.

Inbetween all this swimming, sleeping, and picture showin' there is alot of manual labor going on. Their busy ammunition depot was moving ordinance at a fast pace and they spend countless hours patroling the island.

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