Monday, November 02, 2009

Disabled American Veterans

As you read more from Harry's War Diary, I hope you'll support the Disabled American Veterans. Until the time of his death in January 2007, Harry was a devoted member of the DAV. He was generous in his contributions and eager in his help. The DAV would send him certficates to acknowledge his donations, and they kept him up to date with publications.

Harry would often been seen wearing a DAV cap or jacket. When he purchased a new American flag he ordered it through the DAV. A DAV license plate was mounted on his vehicle, and he wanted people to ask him about it so he could garner their patriotism and support.

I don't think Harry ever took advantage of a DAV program for himself. As an elderly WWII veteran, he was entitled to their services. Harry would say that there were other fellows that are alot worse off than him that needed the DAV.

The DAV reported 6 cash donations made in the name of Sgt. Harry Haslam when he passed away. Please consider the Disabled American Veterans a worthy cause.

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