Monday, November 30, 2009

fire on the mountain

New Caledonia
Mon. Sept. 28, 1942

Saw a wonderful picture. In fact, a late picture at the 9th Sta. last night. The name was "Ball of Fire" with Barbara Stanwyck & Gary Cooper. The best show I've seen on the island so far (that is besides Bing's pictures). I have today off, getting the first day this week.

Tues. Sept. 29, 1942

Went on guard at 8 A.M. (as usual) with Frank Layman. Around 11:30 A.M. I called Danny up & he told me to investigate a fire on one of the mountains. Harry Falgo told me later that the fire was on the road to Pieta. So, after chow I had to ride the whole range of mountains above "Blondie's" house. We played some casino late this evening. Frank & I beat Skull & Mytko 3 out of 4 games. Retired around 11 P.M.

Wed. Sept. 30, 1942

Went on guard as usual this morning. After P.M. chow we went to the show at the 9th Station Hosp. The picture was "Two Yanks in Trinidad" with Pat O'Brien, Brian Danbeury & Janet Blair. It was very good & one of the latest we've had. They mentioned about the Jap attack on Pearl Harbor. There was a beautiful song in the picture. The name of it was (of course) "Trinidad".

Thurs. Oct. 1, 1942

Went on guard this morning with Nothern (Frank was off). After chow, we took a ride up the pack Howitzer trail practically all the way to No. 1. Frank has had a toothache all day. Today we were paid. I drew $19.34. I now have $255 in finance.

Fri. Oct. 2, 1942

Frank and I went on guard at 8 A.M. and it rained all the time we were out there. Rec'd a letter from Mother today dated on Aug. 31 Still no letter from Marjorie. It has been over 3 months.

Sat. Oct. 3, 1942

It has been scorching hot all day. Went on guard at 8 A.M. ( as usual ) with Frank.


This is Harry's War Diary

With these entries we get a feel for the repetition of Harry's everyday life on the island. He repeats the "as usual" phrase in several of these, however he never fails to list the entire date with year, or the A.M. / P.M. designation.

When a report came in of a fire nearby, the Ordinance Company was very cautious. The munitions they were stock-piling would be at risk of explosion.

Harry seems perplexed that a movie has already been made that refers to the Pearl Harbor attack. Oh, the magic of cinema:)

Don't worry, Harry will get a letter soon from his Darling Marjorie....

Jody & I hope you enjoyed these special posts for Harry's War Diary in the month of November; and be sure to visit this blog for several more posts every month that continue to cover the diary.

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