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New Caledonia
July 1942

This morning at 3 A.M. we had an air raid and had to use our gas masks. I was with Joe Fredericks. All the boats in the docks at Noumea have pulled away and put in the harbor. I understand they got the mail off first, however the Japs were sighted off our coast at 10 P.M. The firing lasted until dawn.

Tues, July 7, 1942

We built roads again today across the creek. I think we should be in the construction crew instead of the Ordinance. At 3 o'clock another shipment of 25 pounders came in.

Wed. July 8, 1942

Worked on the road again today. At 2 P.M. an issue came in for the 20th Coast Artillery for 37,000 shells. Last night "Gig" & I went to the show in Noumea to see "Frontier Marshal" with Randolph Scott & Nancy Kelly. I talked to a soldier there who was with the 32nd Artillery and he was also stationed at Camp Forrest & he was from Illinois.

Thursday, July 10, 1942

Today we are still unloading ammo. Most of them are 15 pound smoke shells. Today is my darling Marjorie's birthday. Good! but I wish I had something to send her.

Fri. July 11, 1942

Today we unloaded 37 **** gun shells for Anti-Aircraft guns. Last night, "Gig". Robertson, Dobek & Myself went to the show in Noumea to see "Design for Scandal" They also had a swell stage show with some comedians who have been on Broadway but who are now serving "overseas" with us. "Creamy" of the 51st also gave a performance. They had an orchestra that played "Glenn Miller" type of music also. Their "Moonlight Cock-tail" sounded just like Glenn. Have the radio back now, so I will close & go & listen to the news from the station K.G.E.I. in San Fransisco in the Fairmont Hotel. They always say "This is the United States of America" and boy does that sound good.


This is Harry's War Diary. When the handwritten words can't be read, I have replaced them with **** The photo here is of two men at the ammo depot.

It seems Harry made a mistake when dating the entries because it skips July 9th. When he writes about his sweetheart, he refers to her as "my Darling Marjorie" and his use of an exclamation point (after "Good") is the only time he has used that punctuation!

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