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got away from me

New Caledonia
Sat. Aug. 15, 1942

Sgt. Austinger gave us $5 to build him a corral for his "wild horse" that he is going to break in. So Kruse, Johnson, Danny & myself started on it at 1 P.M.. By 6P.M. we had it completed. After this, we drank some wine that Wopick had & we got to feeling pretty good.

Sun. Aug. 16, 1942

Johnson & I went on from 8A.M. to 4 P.M. this morning & we have to go on again at 12 P.M. "Jim" got away from me this morning. I left him alone to graze while I answered the phone. He came straight to the corral. Took him right back out tonight after chow. Lt. Irwin gave Kruse, Nothern, Layman & myself regular guard duty. Johnson & Isham didn't want it. He said he would send 3 more up in the morning.

Mon. Aug. 17, 1942

Today Nothern, Layman, Kruse, Mike & myself also Scoffield (veterarian) moved all our things up to the corral to begin our "regular guard" duty. Gigenheimer "Gig" will move up tomorrow, he is on K.P. today.

Tues. Aug 18, 1942

There were 3 Marine Officers in for chow this afternoon who had seen some action in the Solomon Battle. I came off guard at 8 A.M. feeling pretty bad & was sleepy but could not sleep.

Wed. Aug. 19, 1942

Scoffield took my place on guard tonight because I was so weak I could hardly move. I did't go to chow yesterday afternoon or last night. I'm trying my best to keep from going to the hospital. After they had been "daring" to take me down to the GI Hospital, where they said I had acute tonsilitis (which I knew). I was put in Ward **** after patients who had Yellow Jaundice & everything else. The hosp. is pretty full here because of the Navy & Marine casualties brought in from Guadalcanal.

Thurs. Aug. 20, 1942

Today my condition is no better. I still have a 102 degree temperature.

Fri. Aug. 21, 1942

Today my condition is a little better. The nurse gave me a bath this morning. The Marines & sailors left out this morning headed for Hawaii & then back to the States. Most of them seemed to be crippled in the legs from "flying scrapnel"


Harry's War Diary

Harry M. Haslam (1919 - 2007)

"Jim" was one of the horses that Harry was assigned to keep. Keeping the livestock ready for work was an additional duty to their Ammo depot responsibilites. The horses were vital in the movement of heavy loads, and the men become very attached to them.

August 19th (12 days after the Marines attacked Guadalcanal) the Japanese landed 900 troops for a bold offensive to re-take Henderson Field. 800 Japs were killed, 34 American casualites. Harry was in a hospital for fever and witnessed the flow of combat injuries.

For every combat casuality, there were 5 soldiers struck by malaria. Harry's case is complicated by his chronic infection, and he suffers through bouts of fever.

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