Friday, November 13, 2009

grab them by the handful

New Caledonia
May 25, 1942

Incidentally, the wet season is just now starting in over here and it lasts up until Sept. The mosquitoes are now so bad here that you can grab them by the handful.

**** have built an airport about a mile from camp and the field is full of the new "Air Cobra's"

Today, Monte, Kraacks and myself went on a hike into the mountains. I fell all the way down into the creek from a 100 ft. cliff.

A few days ago, a lot of the fellows were issued Thompson Sub-Machine guns. I don't care for one, I'll take the old Springfield.

May 30, 1942

Today is "Memorial Day" & instead of going to town & the parade with Marjorie, I find myself 11,000 miles from the "Good Ole U.S.A." We have the day off, so I am spending most of the day cleaning up ****


This is Harry's War Diary. Every word is copied here exactly as it appears in his journal: just as he wrote it.

**** indicates illegible text

Harry M. Haslam (1919 - 2007) was my husband's father. Jody and I share this with my blog readers in honor of his service during WWII.

Marjorie became his wife and they were together for 61 years. There still remains stacks and stacks of love letters written between Harry and Marjorie from 1941 - 1945. It's quite a love story.

You might already suspect that the mosquitoes will cause some big problems for these soldiers; and later you'll learn just how serious the malaria situation became.

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