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hadn't quite anticipated

Camp Forrest
Nov. 11, 1941

Today I was inducted into the "U.S. Army" at Camp Forrest, Tennessee. After one night in which time we were "X-Rayed" & officially sworn in, we pushed on to Ft. Oglethorpe, Georgia, where we were fingerprinted & had a little basic training.

Three days later (which incidentally was my 22nd birthday) I found myself on "K.P." This was a birthday present I hadn't quite anticipated.

Mike Weber, who was inducted with me, was at this time my closet friend & companion; although I had many friends before long. It was hard to leave the folks back home & my darling Marjorie whom I love so dearly.

I stayed at Ft. Ogelthorpe sixteen (16) days when orders came through that Mike & I would be sent (Thanksgiving Day) to the Ordinance Training Center in Aberdeen, Ind. the "Army's Proving Grounds" Incidentally, Mike & I were the only two out of the whole barracks that was sent to Aberdeen. The rest of the fellows were put into Inf. or Field Artillery.

Mike was finally put into the Administration Section, and despite my protests I was put into a Munitions Detail. I was very very disappointed because I was quite certain that I would be put into a machine shop with the experience I had.

We were sent on plenty of hikes, and one in particular (which was in a deep snow) I landed in the hospital with acute tonsilitis.


This is the first installment of Harry's War Diary series. Every word, every abbreviation and every punctuation is exactly as is found in the pocket sized book. When words or sections are illegible, I replaced it with ****. The series will include some black and white photopraphs that Harry took with a brownie camera in future postings.

Harry M. Haslam (1919 - 2007) was my husband's father. Jody has granted me permission to post Harry's War Diary in honor of his father's service.

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