Wednesday, November 11, 2009

halfway around the world

New Caledonia
April 1942

After spending a week onboard, we landed on the island of New Caledonia on April ** 1942. We were thinking that we wouldn't find the company on this small island which is only 250 miles long and 30 miles wide. We stayed onboard 3 days, when we finally found out that our company was here.

Left the ship on a Saturday, and proceeded to the co. which was stationed about 2 miles from the docks on the outskirts of Noumea, the capital city. We were glad to see them, in a way, because we had traveled halfway around the world looking for them.

The co. turned out to be handlers of Amm. and all we did was Manual Labor. It was considered the best ******* in the Caledonias. Our first day here, we helped move 3 depots. They allowed us 5 days to do it, but we did it in 2 1/2. We stayed in base camp about a week, then we moved out to Pieta, and after a fine days work there we moved to Dumbea where we are now.

We shower & take a quick bath in the creek that runs in back of camp.


This is straight from Harry's War Diary; every word is copied here just as it appears in his handwritten journal. The sections that are illegible are replaced with ****

Harry M. Haslam (1919 - 2007) was my husband's father. Harry's War Diary is published here to honor his service in WWII. The veterans that serve our country deserve the best tributes we can provide.

In future postings, you'll hear Harry talk more about the creek behind camp, the maintenance of the ammunition depots, and his schedule for guard duty

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