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it sure did

New Caledonia
Mon. Sept. 14, 1942

Nothing but bad news & still no letters from home. It's been a month since I've had any & over two months since I've heard from Marjorie. I hear we are taking a hell of a beating in the Solomons.

Tues. Sept. 15, 1942

Heard today that a Sgt. hung himself at the 22nd Ord. Co. last night. They said he had a beautiful wife, too. My throat is still plenty sore today, but I am still mopping it out with Listerine & liniment.

Wed. Sept. 16, 1942

My throat is still plenty sore today but is showing signs of improvement. Wynn is off today.

Thurs. Sept. 17, 1942

My throat is much better. Scoffield is off today.

Thurs. Sept 24, 1942

Tonight Ben & Danny went to the show *** in Pieta. It was the first time they have been to the show since we have been in Dumbea. Frank Layman or Bob or Bill haven't been yet. The first show was "Rage of Paris" with Danielle Duverriex (the French star) & Douglas Fairbank, Jr. The second show was "Reno" with Richard Dix, Gail Patrick & Joan Fontaine. It sure did look like Reno all right.

Fri. Sept 25, 1942

We had four quarts of wine tonight, so we got to feeling pretty good. Retired pretty early.

Sun. Sept. 27, 1942

I have today off because I go on the 12 to 8 shift this week. This afternoon Frank, Wynn & myself saddled our horses up & took a ride into the mountains. We covered the whole range of 8 mountains. Came back around 4 O'clock pretty tired & I know those horses must be. Took a bath, shaved & cleaned up to go to the show after "chow" (supper).


This is Harry's War Diary

Nothing but bad news, indeed. The miserable conditions which they worked, the lack of any credible news, the loss of contact from home. The only thing they have to look forward to is a show or a ride on a horse. As bad as things seem for Harry now, it will certainly get alot worse.

At this time on Guadalcanal, the Marines are facing a crucial point in the Bloody Ridge conflict; mortar fire has cut off communications and the battle descends into hand-to-hand combat.

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