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my favorite crooner, my monthly ration

New Caledonia
Sat. Aug. 22, 1942

Today they brought more Solomon Casualties, some with arms off & some with legs off. I feel much better now.

Sun. Aug. 23, 1942

This morning I would have went to church, if I hadn't been so weak. They hold services right here at the hosp. I saw Corp. Charlie Wilkes, Shady DeRoberts & Weismmel. I didn't know they were in the hospital. The Capt. said I could have a regular meal today. Tonight, Weismmel & I went to the show right here at the hosp. It's shown in the open & the field (adjoining the hosp. grounds) has some beautiful palm trees around it. The first show was one of my favorite crooners & one that I had seen 3 or 4 years ago. The name of the picture was "Double or Nothing" with Bing Crosby, Mary Carlisle, Andy Devine & Martten Raye. The second picture was "Bachelor Mother" with Ginger Rogers & David Niven. "Ginger" is sure a swell grand actress.

Mon. Aug. 24, 1942

I am okay today & the doctor let me go & get my "chow" at the kitchen. Wisemmel's ears are about well, so I guess we will be going back to camp in a couple of days.

Tues. Aug. 25, 1942

This morning I shaved, etc right after chow & then spent the A.M. over in Ward 5 with Frank Wisemmel. Incidentally, my nurse here is a "Rebel" also, she is from New Orleans, Louisiana.

Wed. Aug. 26, 1942

This morning my throat is completely well & the doctor said I could go back to camp tomorrow. Went over to Wiesmmel's tent & played a little Black Jack. I won $2

Thurs. Aug. 27, 1942

This morning I came back to camp. While I was in the hospital Corp. Jack Robinson had his tent burnt down & all of them lost their personal belongings, including Shady DeRoberts footlocker. Rec'd my monthly ration when I came back which consisted of 1 ctg cigarettes, 3 cigars, 1 cake of soap, 5 Gillette blue blades & a toothbrush.

Fri. Aug. 28, 1942

Today I received a V-mail from Mother dated in Nashville on Aug. 11 & they rec'd it in Australia on Aug. 21. Ten days, which is pretty quick time. I also rec'd a letter from Marjorie dated Feb 1.


This is Harry's War Diary

Classic photograph of Harry with his brownie; and a candid shot of a flooded latrine (?)

You have to have known Harry to understand the wording "Robinson had his tent burnt down". It doesn't mean the fellow took a match to it; just the opposite. This was Harry's way to say that the tent burning down was a misfortune that happened to the fellow.

At the end of August on Guadalcanal, the Marines have completed construction at Henderson Field and it is now operational. The Americans are now able to launch attacks on the Japanese supply ships that have been landing reinforcements and food. The seas around the Solomon Islands are littered with disabled vessels from both sides of the battle.

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