Tuesday, November 17, 2009

took a hike

New Caledonia
Sun. June 21, 1942

Today all 3 sections had the day off. We are expecting a boat load of 37,000 155 shells in tomorrow. "Gig" is sitting on his bunk cleaning his Tommy-gun and Dobek & Weismmel have gone to church. The Protestant services are in French so I didn't go. This I will close for now and read the Bible.

After chow, we played two games of softball. Our side winning the first by a large score & Eaglebrooks side winning the other. Corp. Bill Williamson, "Gig", Johnson, Pancho & myself took a hike into the mountains early this morning, arriving back in time for chow. We also did a little shooting. The mountains went practically straight up & we sure was puffing when we got to the top.

This is Harry's War Diary. The photographs were taken by Harry with his brownie camera. We hope you join us in honoring all the veterans of war and every soldier and sailor who serves his country.

Harry M. Haslam (1919 - 2007) was my husband's father. Harry was in the Solomon Islands during WWII, assigned to an Ordinance Division. They unloaded, built depots and roads, and pulled alot of guard duty. About 5 months after this entry, Harry is sent to Guadalcanal.

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