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tore an old chimney down

New Caledonia
Mon. Aug 31, 1942

I got a break last night because I didn't have to pull guard & I caught up on my much needed sleep. This morning Wopick moved back to camp & Wynn (Ben) came up in his place. Last night we were supposed to have eaten supper up at "Blondie's". They had inviited us a few days ago, but Frank didn't want to go, so Nothern & I didn't go either. Instead, we fried some eggs. I think we will be paid this afternoon.

Tues. Sept. 1, 1942

Yesterday evening, just before chow, we rec'd our monthly pay. I drew $19.34 & $54 was put into the finance. I think I will make an allotment next month for $20. Nothern (Skull) & I missed the show truck last night by 2 minutes.

Wed. Sept. 2, 1942

Kruse & I pulled guard last night as usual I had No. 2 post & he had No. 1. We stayed together most of the night, however . Then we went down to wake the cook up at 4:00, call Bill at 6A.M., wake the bugler (Hoflinger) at 6:15, eat chow and come back to the corral. Schoffield is "roving" man this week.

Thurs. Sept. 3, 1942

I came in at 8 A.M. & went straight to bed and slept right through dinner until 4 P.M. I got up and shaved and prepared to go to the show at 4:30. After chow "Gig", Nothern, Mitko, Johnson, Wiesemmel & myself went to the show which was at the **9th Sta. Hosp. The pictures were "Sued for Libel" with Kent Layler. It was getting very interesting but half way through the picture, it rained & they called it off. They also had an Edgar Borgin comedy.

Fri. Sept 4, 1942

This evening, Frank Layman and myself went up to Blondie's. We had quite a time. We got a dozen eggs & came back & fried a few (78c a doz = 30 franc) Also we had some **** corn that "Skull" had gathered. "Bob" Scoffield is on guard with me tonight & Kruse is off.

Sat. Sept 5, 1942

This morning instead of going to bed (as I should) I went up & tore an old chimney down on one of the mountains to get some bricks to build our new fireplace with. I worked all morning carrying them down. We mixed some mud cement together so we could hold the bricks in place & also took an old coffee can & made a smokestack for it. After evening chow, mitko, Nothern & myself stayed down at base camp & as Johnson had 3 quarts of Rhine Rum, we drank some. Wiesmmel, Nothern, Mitko, Johnson & myself were dead drunk. Although I couldn't walk straight, I did manage to get Nothern back to the corral. I have vowed to never drink that stuff again & get in that condition. It tastes like novacaine.

Sun. Sept. 6, 1942

This morning I am surprised I am not sick. Nothern is very sick & he has to go on guard with Layman from 8 A.M. to 7 P. M. I told him I would take his place but he wouldn't let me.


This is Harry's War Diary

4 A.M. comes early when you're an army cook. and the bugler doesn't fare much better. A "roving" man was a guard that traveled around between posts throughout the night. Sometimes they called the positon a freelance or extra man.

I can only guess that the photographs with the men holding boards is a show of their gathering/harvesting. They liked to cut coconuts, fry eggs, and gather some kind of corn.

So, Harry was spared a hangover after the drinking binge, but it was still enough to swear him off rum forever.

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