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Blub, Blub, Blub

New Caledonia
Oct. 5, 1942

Today I went on "free lance" man. Kruse was off today so I went on at 8 A.M. with "Gig". Went for a ride into the mountains with "Gig" around 2 P.M.

Tues. Oct 6, 1942

I am off today until 12 P.M. tonight when I take Wynn's place. I washed my hair along with Nothern (we heated some water). Frank had a tooth pulled yesterday. We caught Major Bones this evening & we trimmed his hoofs & gave him a shock on the wire we have around the pasture.
Wed. Oct. 7, 1942

Came off guard at 8 A.M. and went on again at 4 P.M. with Nothern (Frank was off). Heard that the "St. Louis Cardinals" won the World Series. Winning 4 straight. Was so hot this morning that I couldn't sleep.

Thurs. Oct. 8, 1942

I rec'd 6 letters at mail call (5 were from Mother) one from Marjorie that I had been sweating out for a long time. The date Sept. 6 Marjorie said she went to see "Holiday Inn" with Bing Crosby. She also sent me a beautiful card entitled "To My Sweetheart in the Service". She's such a darling. Gig was off today, so I took his place on guard from 8 A.M. to 4 P.M. Nothern, Bill & "Gig" went swimming. "Skull" almost drowned. Went to the show at the 112th Calvary last night. The picture was "East Side of Heaven" with Bing Crosby & Joan Bindell which I had seen many times back in the States.

Fri. Oct 9, 1942

I am off today until 4P.M. when I take Nothern's place on guard with Frank. The 164th Infantry is leaving the island, going to the Solomons. The airport here is filled with P48's (double fuselage). They are assembled here & flown up to Tontanta. The ground crew just came from the Solomons. Most of them had minor injuries.

Sat. Oct 10, 1942

Last night Nothern, Bill, Ben, Dan, Henry & Dolotowski had a "wine drinking" party & they were feeling mighty good. I was on guard with Frank, so I didn't participate & I'm glad I didn't. Ben was really drunk last night & Skull took his place on guard. Ben seemed very put out about it. "Blub, blub, blub I want to go on guard".

Sun.. Oct. 11, 1942

Today is my day off due to the fact that I pulled "Extra man" all week. I went and took a nice swim up at the deep hole with "Gig" and Nothern. "Skull" is learning to swim with the aid of a coffee can. Tonight at chow (while we were eating) there was a fire that started on a mountain close to No. 1 depot. We all left in a hurry without finishing our meal. We fought it all night & Kraacks, Hall & Coules almost got trapped in the flames. It also ruint our show for tonight.


This is Harry's War Diary

This is the first we've heard of Major Bones, and we're not sure if it's a horse or a mule. But, now that Bones been captured he'll be added to their corral.

"Skull" is a nickname they use for Jack Nothern (Ohio) . I guess the fellows are gonna teach him to swim with a coffee can...wish we had a picture of that:)

The crew battles another fire on the small island, this one threatening their lives. And after all that they don't even get to have a show.

Harry finally receives the letter from Marjorie that he has been longing for.

The battle at Guadalcanal and surrounding Solomon Islands has been raging for months.

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