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dead ringer

New Caledonia
Oct. 25, 1942

Have another day off & it is still raining. It hasn't let up more than an hour since it started. There is about 4 inches of mud outside. Duke has been working 8 hrs on 8 hrs off for the last 3 or 4 shifts. Most of the other horses have sore backs.

Mon. Oct. 26, 1942

Has been raining continously all day. Rec'd 3 airmail letters at chow, one from Mom dated on Oct. 5, one from sister and one from Marjorie dated on Oct. 13. Boy, that was fast. 13 days. I hear that we are going to get pistols at last. Ben talked to St. Irwin this morning about it. Bill & Bob are shoeing the horses today.

Tues. Oct. 27, 1942

Well, we finally got pistols today. After a little argument with "Danny" I was taken to the hospital again with acute tonsilitis. Danny took me down.

Wed. Oct. 28, 1942

I am in the hosp. and really sick. I had 102 temperature when I came in last night.

Thurs. Oct. 29, 1942

I am still plenty sick. They are bringing my food to me & I have to gargle with hot salt water every two hours.

Fri. Oct. 30, 1942

I am a little better today, although I am not allowed to get up yet. My nurses are Miss Davis, Miss Zinc, Miss Brock and a beautiful blonde nurse (who was on a hosp ship in the Solomons) named Miss Hageland. There is a Marine next to me with tonsilitis also (Parachute Bn.) His name is J.A. Sullivan & he was in the Solmons Battle for 45 days. There were 326 in his btn. when they went & only 112 came back. The rest were killed. They are here getting reinforcements from the States. We also have a fellow from the 112th Calvary in this ward. His name is Wm. Tuck Newsome & a dead-ringer for Bob Burns.

Sat. Oct. 31, 1942

I am feeling much better today. Had my throat mopped out with a gargle solution. I am getting it mopped 3 times a day.


This is Harry's War Diary

The lousy weather continues, and the horses and men have to work in wet mud. And now that they've been issued pistols, will there be another near miss? The color photo is the contents of Harry's footlocker; complete with unopened cigarettes and a box labeled 'quinine' with something powdery inside.

Harry lands in the hospital again with infection and high fever. He takes the opportunity to make new acquaintances with the nurses and fellow patients. The frightening stories from Guadalcanal/Solomon Islands are told in the ward.

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