Friday, March 12, 2010

making good that little threat


December 1942

The ammo is really coming in now. Since we have been here the Navy has saved our tail 3 times. I give our Navy and our Air Force all the credit. Although, they couldn't operate without the ground troops. I say, from what I have seen, that the US Navy, Air Corps, Army and Marines are the bravest fighting guys in the world. 'Course, we're scared sometimes, but that makes us fight all the more.

On Dec. 7th 1942 over here, we knocked down 97 out of 150 Jap bombers and the others turned tail & took off. The Japs are afraid of our P-38's and Grummans, not to mention our flying fortresses. 60 Flying Fortresses flew over the other day and what a beautiful sight. They carry 8 tons of bombs & 15 guns each.

The Jap solider is well-equipped and well-trained & they got alot of courage for a little man. "Tojo" said he was going to take this island if it cost him his whole empire. Tojo is making good that little threat. Roosevelt says it will take your whole empire & you still won't get it.

We sank 6 Jap cans (destroyers) yesterday up around the point and we lost one PT boat. 2,000 more Japs go on the island someway. When they drop depth charges this whole island shakes from it, the same way with a big bomb.


This is Harry's War Diary

They have a chance to take stock in their situation, and Harry likes the way our troops measure up to Tojo. This is where they will prove their worth and face the enemy with valor. The comments about bravery and courage tells us that Harry and his crew are facing fear on a level that we will probably never know.

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