Wednesday, April 14, 2010

can't find a trace

December 1942

It is rumored around here that we might go home next month, or March at the latest. I sure hope it's true. We of the Americal Division was the first to come over and see action. We also have been over here longer than the Rainbow Division of the last war. I hear that we are going back to re-organize because the Americal Div. is all shot up. I know we of the 51st are pretty well worked to death.

As I sit here, looking at Henderson Airfield, planes are going and coming. They're bombing the hell out of something. I hear that at the New Georgian Island and Bouganville we have around 5 airports here now, including a few fighter strips. They claim there will be around 700 airplanes here pretty soon. If we can get enough flying fortresses, dive bombers, etc. we can blow Bouganville to heck. We have caused lots of damage to their concrete runways now.

Dec. 21, 1942

Came off K.P. today and worked with Jim Wahl in the afternoon. His cousin from the mortar platoon gave him a Japanese bike - which is an American make! It poured down rain this afternoon while we were in the area working. We heard today, when I came in, that 7 men were killed a few miles from here when some land mines exploded (which they had first dug up). They were headed here to give the mines to us. We can't find a trace of the men or the truck.


At this point, Harry is definately feeling like his contribution to this battle has been made. He watches the take offs and landings and has to think that somewhere our planes are making an impact. Harry is finally able to post a date and mentions Jim Wahl's name, which is a return to his original writing style.

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