Thursday, April 15, 2010

the last of the whistle

December 1942

"Maytag Joe" came over as usual last night, or rather I should say this morning (3 A.M.) dropping 20 bombs as usual. They bomb by navigation on these cloudy nights. We didn't pick him up and he was practically up on us before we could get out of the tent into our fox-holes, which incidentally had about a foot of mud in them.

God sure has been with this company and we consider ourselves extremely lucky. It's no fun to hear the bombs when they're over your fox-hole, but as long as they whistle over, it's okay. It's when you don't hear the last of the whistle is when it's coming into your hole.

About a half mile from here, just inside of this palm-tree clearing, right on the edge of the airport there's a zigzag fox-hole which has a little green cross on it. 8 Marines were blown to bits when a bomb made a direct hit. Poor fellows. They never had a chance. They probably didn't know what hit them.

This is Harry's War Diary

Their muddy fox-holes are the best protection they have from constant shelling. Harry tells us how the troops listen to the whistle to determine if the bomb is headed for their fox-hole.

This photo shows more graves and markers.

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