Sunday, April 18, 2010

Neti pot or nutty pot?

Occasionally you may come across someone that is nutty about Neti pots. Nasal passage irrigation can relive sinus congestion, and millions of Americans will swear by their Neti. The enthusiast may go into a step by step demonstration without provokation; and perhaps you'll pick up a few tips:)

It's odd and sometimes awkward to use a Neti pot. Fill a small container with water. Add a little salt. Lean over a sink and pour it into one nostril. The saline water flushes through your other nostril. It's the special design of the Neti pot that makes it easy.

So, you might feel silly at first but your sinus will feel great!

Don't have a Neti pot? You can accomplish a nasal flush by snorting the salt water from your palm.

Does a Neti pot really work? on WebMD

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