Saturday, April 10, 2010

We get our buttercups and daffodils mixed up

But we throw a good festival! Today, my small hometown is hosting it's BUTTERCUP FESTIVAL...The historic downtown is filled with booths and tables for crafts, food and music.

The whole town comes out and every nook is decorated with daffodil bunches. It's like this, we know the difference between buttercups and daffodils, we just like to keep folks wonderin'

If you make it out, be sure to tour the historic Homeplace Bed & Breakfast. It'll be the one between the boutique and the festival grounds with all the old people on the porch.

And you might want to also visit the Feed Mill with it's Amish goods and coffee bar. Where they feed good folks, and few old goats!

Here's an idea for ya...wear some yellow! Become someone's little buttercup. Or daffodil.

Enjoy your stay, and plan to be in Nolensville all day.

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