Wednesday, May 05, 2010

a darn lie

December 1942

Any man who says that he is not scared when these bombs start to fall, or from the shelling on the beach, is a "darn lie". It's very nerve wracking. After the bombers or bombadiers have left each night and we have the All Clear signal, every sound that you hear whether it's a truck, a motor, or one of the PT boats (mosquitos) that patrol around the island it sounds like an airplane.

We can distinguish the sound of our planes from theirs when they get a few miles from here (by ear). These Jap bombadiers really sound like a washing machine (no kidding). I don't think I will have much use for a washing machine if I ever do get home.

The rumor is now that we will be out of here in 45 days. And that we will be back in the States by April 15th or 18th. We are going to be put on a 30 days quarantine before we do get back and also be given a Turkish bath and have our clothes sterlized. It's wonderful to hear that we're going home, but I'm not building my hopes too high, because anything can happen in 45 days (Feb 8). I won't believe it until we hit the States. Nevertheless, it's wonderful news and something to look forward to.

These mosquitoes sure dive bomb you when you get in your fox-hole.


This is Harry's War Diary

A Turkish bath? Well, Harry is counting the days (even though he didn't date these entries) and we get an idea of how long he might be on Guadalcanal.

He must've made peace with washing machines... later in his life, Harry didn't have any long-term aversions to certain things because of the war. He liked to keep his vehicles running, and he provided well for his family.

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