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equipped with a raid hour


Dec. 23, 1942

"Maytag Joe" came over as usual this morning. This time it was at 1 A.M. Heard that we have a squadron of p40s (Kitty Hawk). They are night fighters and are equipped with a raid hour that shows the altitude the enemy planes are flying. After it gets that altitude it points to a direction, which they proceed to by compass. Then when it gets within a certain radius the guns fire automatically. I sure hope they can get "Maytag Joe" with it.

While we were working in the area this morning, most of the Grumman dive bombers, flying fortresses and their fighter escorts took off. They spotted 9 Japanese ships. I went through one of the "fortresses" today and Boy it was big inside. I saw the bomb racks and how the bombs were loaded. They carry 4 tons, one of the pilots said.

I got me two aluminum **** from a wrecked Gruman fighter, and am making me some rings from them.


This is Harry's War Diary

Harry says 'raid hour' for radar. It's a new technology that he is striving to understand. Just as he adapted to the workings of navy ships, he's finding his own among the planes. Harry is a big fan of the flying fortresses, and has mentioned them many times in his diary.

The camp sign photo was taken in Reno, NV before the war, when Harry's was in the "C.C.C." The Civilian Conservation Corps.

Return to Edge of the Wildwood next month and read Harry's 1942 Christmas post from Guadalcanal.

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