Thursday, May 06, 2010

stacked up like firewood


December 1942 - January 1943

I hear that California has been made a combat zone because it's been shelled a few times (of all things). Sure wish they would send me back to the combat zone there, if that's a combat zone. What is this over here, a vacation? With bombings, shellings, big sea battles in the harbor and around 10,000 Japs in the hills only a few miles from here.

Sometimes I look at these mountains in the distance and wonder how many poor soliders and Marines are dying and being cut to death. It's awful just to think about it. A patrol of 20 men went out yesterday and only 2 came back to tell the tale. The same thing happened to Jimmy Roosevelt and his 1st Raiders. They came here with 200 men and only 34 went back to the States to tell the tale.

As I sit here writing, I can see "Bloody Ridge" in the distance where the bloodiest battle of the Solomons took place. The other one being by the river. Bloody Ridge had to be taken 3 times by the Marines. Also red beach, where we landed is only a few miles from here. That's before they had the Japs stacked up like firewood.

There's so much to write in this diary, but will close for now because I'm feeling fatigue (tired).


You are so right, Harry. There is so much to write in this diary. And we are honored to read it.

He just cannot get over California being declared a combat zone. Their own experience of a combat zone is nothing like The States. Harry knows about the fighting going on the mountains. He knows were the bloody battles were fought. He knows the death tolls on the beaches.

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