Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Turning Blakelys

Meet Jim and Logan Blakely of Albuquerque, New Mexico. They are hard working, expert woodworkers that know how to bring out the best in wood. Blakely Woodworks not only fulfills the utility of wooden objects, and they also capture the beauty and enduring qualities of their materials.

Eccentric Turned Goblet

Collecting most of their wood 'dead and down' in the Jemez Mountains, the Blakely team brings their experience and considerable skill into each piece. Candle holders, bud vases, tealights and goblets are handmade with care and finished to perfection.

Jewelry Holder wood and metal

Blakely Woodworks has earned 100% satisfaction from their Etsy customers; with rave reviews for their spinning tops! But BWW doesn't stop there, because they can make custom orders that will suit your needs. Jim and Logan want to hear your ideas and comments, and they welcome you to visit Blakely Woodworks and shop their ready-made inventory.

Jim and Logan are fellow members of Old World Shoppes ; a specialty group on Etsy dedicated to old-fashioned crafts and conventional craftsmen.

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