Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Boomerang

Dec. 25th, 1942


They spotted 100 Japanese ships up at Robaul in New Britian some 500 miles from here this morning. We sent 12 Flying Fortresses and their fighter planes (also dive-bombers) to try and knock at least half of it out. But the pilots claim they can't get anywhere near them. The pilot of this fortress I was talking to was on that raid. His ship was named the "Boomerang" and he has 4 rising sun flags painted on it for 4 zeros they shot down and 8 bombs are painted on it for 8 bombing raids.

They claim up at the New Georgian Islands the zeros hide in the clouds and them swamp down on them for the kill. Let go and get the hell out of there. They derived that from the flying Tigers (Chennault) who used to hide in the sun and get the zeros the same way. This pilot said give me two motors and I'll fly the son-of-a-gun back to the States. They're getting pretty digusted themselves.

Why we don't even have range-finders for our 90mm AA guns. I don't know how the States expect us to hold this island without equipment, parts for their planes, etc.

Heard this evening that the 35th Infantry of the 25 Division broke through the front lines and through the right flank of the Japs. We now have them bottled up. The Navy has been shelling them all morning.

We got our athletic equipment in yesterday and caught a little softball this evening after supper with Kracks.


This is Harry's War Diary

Harry served in the C.C.C. before World War II and was inducted into the U.S. Army in November 1941. He concluded his service to our country in July 1944 under the rank of Sargent. During this 2 1/2 years, Harry kept several personal diaries. The entries published on this blog are just a sampling of a small, pocketsized "My Life in the Service" journal - and not a complete record of Sgt. Haslam's experience.

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