Monday, June 14, 2010

cursing up a storm

Fri. Dec. 25, 1942

Well, today is Christmas, but just another day of working for us. We are lucky to be alive however, and we consider ourselves very fortunate. We worked today as usual down by the airport runway. Was talking to one of the pilots and a gunner of a Flying fortress which came in from a raid last night. They had to turn back because their motors quit on them (no. 2 and 4 motors).

One of the maintenance men was telling me that they don't have the parts to fix the planes with and they were cursing up a storm. They say these planes are pretty well shot up and unless they get some new ones in, they don't know what will happen.

We had a wonderful dinner today of turkey, peas, fresh potatoes, asparagas, celery, fig pudding, nuts, candy, oranges, apples, layer cake and pumpkin pie. For drinks we had coffee and cocoa. It is now 2 P.M. and I'm still full as a tick. I haven't had a meal like that in I don't know when.

We thank God in heaven for such a wonderful meal and to be able to be alive to eat it.


This is Harry's War Diary

Harry and the fellows count their blessings with a hearty meal to celebrate Christmas on Guadalcanal. The Dec. 25th diary entry will be continued in tomorrows post on Edge of the Wildwood.

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