Monday, June 07, 2010

send a towel, save a dolphin

Probably, like me, you have some extra hand towels and wash rags laying around...

So here's where you can put those small towels to good use: The Institute of Marine Mammal Studies is taking on the enormous task of cleaning oil from the dolphins, turtles, and other marine life along the Gulf of Mexico. They are accepting donations of handmade or repurposed dishrags (10x10) and hand towels (14x27).

Project 8 is being put together by "Craft Hope" community with a deadline for July 3rd - with significant commitment by crafter/organizers in Pensacola.

Visit the CraftHope blog post for details on what to send and where to ship (along with FAQs)

I might also point out that The Institute of Marine Mammal Studies is a non-profit organization: education, conservation, research. Good stuff:)

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