Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Summertime Caption Contest

Can you caption this funny photo?

Tune up your witty notes, and sharpen that wicked tongue, and give this scene a tagline. You could win the Edge of the Wildwood Summertime Caption Contest!

Winner is selected based on a crack-me-up formula with heapin' serving of why-didn't -i-think-of -thats. Are you funnier than a 5th grader? Test your 'ha' factor:)

Grand prize package will be awarded to one lucky winner in the U.S. with absolutely no strings attached (exception: the package thingy that comes in the mail might actually have strings attached) After you win this thing, you can do whatever you want this summer:

flip-flops, music CD, can cooler, and fly.

My fun-loving, level headed husband, Jody will be judging your entries, based on his years of success in picking a winner on the baseball fields, in the board rooms, and at one random local cat show (after walking past hundreds of cats, he pointed to the winner and said 'that one').

Jody knows champs!

Your *one and only way to get your caption in is to leave a comment on this article: your funny caption and an email or way we can contact you. If you have a blogger, it'll track me back to your cool blog. You have until July 1st to come up with your best entry; and *we'll let you enter as many reasonable times as we can stand your silliness. You best not send in something raunchy or dirty, or I'll disqualify you quick as a fiddle.

Better jump on this thing, we only have one really good contest a year.
$28.00 total package value:

handcrafted fluffy flip-flops $8.00
original music CD signed by the artist $10.00
quarium of the Americas silver shark can cooler $6.00
hand-tied mayfly fishing fly $4.00

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