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1500 bags of mail

Sat., Dec. 26, 1942

Early this morning there was continuous rifle firing for about an hour. The Infantry is giving the Japs hell now and they are still shelling them from the beach. President Roosevelt is scheduled to make a speech today with some good news for the soldiers & Marines in Guadalcanal. "Maytag Pete" didn't come over last night, believe it or not. It must have been because our planes were up practically all night. Worked in the area this A.M. as usual & am now washing clothes. Two of our fellows went up to the lines today to pick up & blow up "duds". I hear they found over 105 smoke shells that didn't go off.

Dec. 27, 1942
It poured down rain last night. We thought, at first, we were going to have a hurricane. I sure hope & pray that we don't have one while we're here. Worked this morning as usual, cleaning all 30 Caliber ammo & seperating them by year, arsenal, tracer, hull, A.P. etc. We also took all the 30 Caliber machine-gun bullets out of the belts (150 to a belt). We sure have alot of damaged ammo here.

I hear that 1500 bags of mail came in. I sure hope we get at least some of it.

Bob McMann and Mounclin were here this afternoon. I was sure glad to see both of them. Bob is stationed at the Emregency landing field. He is still chief Prop man, and is now a Tech Sargent. He was only a corporal on the boat. While we were sitting down there talking, a Xmas package came in for me from Mother & Dad. Boy, they sure sent me some swell things. A money-belt from Dad, a pouch & pipe from Farris, I think. A pen & pencil set from Mother, a cigarette case (leather), a stationary book, razor blades, foot powder, chewing gum, etc. I was thrilled to death to get them, honest. Also I got some swell pictures of Marjorie, Mom, Dad, Claud & dogs, etc. "Boy" they sure looked good. They tell me they are still taking mail off the boat. One truck alone yesterday made 18 trips.

Mon., Dec. 28, 1942
We cleaned up 30 Caliber machine gun bullets again, seperating them by the arsenal, year, tracers, armor piercing, etc. There was some mail that came in this morning and I got 2 from Mother & Dad dated on Nov. 9 and 24th. Took a shower, shaved and caught a little softball with Kraacks.

This is Harry's War Diary

Our family is proud to share the experiences of Private Haslam during World War II. At this point in the diary; Harry has been on Guadalcanal for about 40 days. The first 30 days were a blur, without regular entries or dates.

Nothing like talking to some old buddies and getting a package from home for lifting morale!Harry's 'giving them hell now' attitude quickly changes in the next few entries that will cover one week of his time on Guadalcanal.

It seems they have a new hostile pilot they call "Maytag Pete". Up until now, they've referred to every lone enemy plane as "Maytag Joe"

Want to read about Harry's ship being torpedoed, how they built horse corrals, or the close calls that came before these entries? You can click on the blue Harry's War Diary link for an automated search and scan the titles for some intriguing stories.

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