Tuesday, July 06, 2010

never put a depot in the right place

Tues., Dec. 29, 1942

Ellis (Curly) threw a bullet into the fire today (30 Caliber) and it went off and hit him in the stomach.

Wed., Dec. 30, 1942

Twenty of us went up to the front lines to start a new depot one mile behind the lines. We unloaded around 40 truck loads. We heard that we are going to move it across the river tomorrow. Our officers never put a depot in the right place. The boys in the front lines are sure getting fed good. We saw trucks full of good food going up. bread, etc. We had another thunder-storm this evening and Boy, did it thunder and lightning (double bolts).

Thurs., Dec. 31, 1942

Was on air raid guard from 5 to 6 this morning. Worked around camp today, unloading trucks. A Marine Corporal up at the front lines had a watch that he had taken off of a Japanese soldier. It was a beautiful watch that had chimes on it and on the end of the chain it had a wedding ring. A Marine up there told us that he heard over the radio that the Lords of London said the war will be over in 500 hours (21 days). Imagine. Ha Ha.


Looks like Curly's incident was the only item worth mentioning on December 29th. And, as soon as they built a depot at the front lines, they're told it's in the wrong location. That watch with a chime must've been quite a prize to garner so much talk.

Come back to EDGE OF THE WILDWOOD tomorrow for Harry's first diary entry of 1943.

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