Friday, July 02, 2010

Welcome to Toad Town

Hop on in...

This charming art sign was created for a toad habitat. A special garden spot has been selected for the woodburned 'TOAD TOWN' sign that helps define the area.

My delightful customer pigstysma had a vision for the sign and she provided me with good solid decisions and direction. I was able to keep her updated on the progress, as alot of these projects can take weeks to complete.

'TOAD TOWN' features a gnarly toad with bright, sharp eyes and craggly mouth. The texture of the toads' skin was well suited for woodburning, and even the smooth soft underside is well represented.

Every toad needs a stump with a hole! And this tree stump has been overgrown with english ivy.

The crisp, colorful grasses that grow along side have attracted a dragonfly; to add interest and detail. A keychain that features the dragonfly was included with the order (at no charge) that allows pigstysma to carry a piece of 'TOAD TOWN' with her all the time.

I thoroughly enjoyed this project - TOAD TOWN is right up my alley:)

Want your very own 'toad'? Here's a few other creations of mine that are related :

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handpainted creek rock

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