Monday, August 16, 2010

The Chuck-Key Fairy |

by Andrew Lewis

Beware the shed,
the potting shed,
where the chuck-key fairy lays.

It messes with the electric drill,
and takes the charge away.

It reverses the motor while you work,
and switches off the clutch.

It hides the chuck key,
shreds the bits,
and speaks in double-Dutch.
bunny monster

It scribbles double-Dutch on notes,
where measurements should be.

Then watches as you whittle out,
a spoon that’s six foot three.

It stops to snap the pencil leads,
and tangles garden hose,
disorganises the spanner draw,
and greases up your clothes.

And so beware the potting shed.

Never DARE to stray!

Without a mug of nice hot tea,
to keep the beast at bay

Purple Monster

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