Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Granddaddy knows how to get there



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My candy story comes from my childhood when Granddaddy would visit. He would ask "Have you ever been to the Big Rock Candy Mountain?" We hadn't, so he made a promise to take us. We'd keep asking him "where is the Big Rock Candy Mountain? is it near us? can we go there now?" and he'd gather up a small troop of kids and load us in the car.

Granddaddy would drive around the block several times singing the old hobo song "Big Rock Candy Mountain". Sometimes, he'd say that he missed it, and turn around. We were sure that he didn't know where the BRCM was. But he kept a big smile and pulled into the parking lot of our local COLONIAL store. We asked him "when will we go?" he said "WE'RE HERE!" As we walked into the candy aisle he'd say "Feast your eyes on the Big Rock Candy Mountain!!!"

On the way home, we'd all sing the song and feed our faces on Now & Laters and pixie sticks. As we parked in the driveway Granddaddy would say "Now, tell your parents that we had to go a long way but we finally got to see the Biggest Rock Candy Mountain ever." And so we did.

(If you'd like to hear the old hobo song, it's posted below this article)

Now, let's eat some candy:)

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