Tuesday, October 19, 2010

birds, feathers, nests and eggs

Do you dare mock a crow? no!

Some say that mocking a crow will bring you grief and sorrow. But whenever I hear the caw, I just can't resist calling back.

My brother (the songwriter) named his band 'The Stray Crows' to represent the flocking and cacophony of these wandering souls. (Click the link to sample the songs on CDbaby)

There are many things that fascinate me about birds, and I've often used them in my woodburnings and paintings. Birds make a fanastic subject with their elegant lines and haughty posture.

This is my most recent sign order: "This place is for the birds" Featuring purple finches nesting on a dogwood branch, with a chickadee and tracks on the bottom.

This video shows the progress on 'Wren's Nest' sign with Mike's song in the background. You can watch each layer of the process as the shapes and details are burned into the wood

And from the special order file: this soaring eagle sign with fine detail that I made for a wildlife photographer Laurie Ryan
(a quick link to her shop on Etsy)

My Whimsical Series of woodburnings includes "Two Birds in the Bush" on a round piece with 2 birds meeting under a flower.

Another customized sign for a crafter: 'Ravenshold Creations' a leather worker and fellow member of Old World Shoppes.

And where would birdies be 'twere it not for the egg? This 'Cluckingham Palace' was woodburned for a lovely California lady who pampers her chickens and wanted a proper sign for her henhouse:

My mother loved this Songbird Pencil box so much, that she bought it as soon as I listed it on Etsy:) Next time, Mama...you can ask me for a discount! LOLOL

Birds have also been a wonderful subject for my brush work...painting this family of owls on creek rocks was fun! My customer displays the grouping in their family room along with a few other of my painted rocks and woodburnings that they've collected.

One cannot enter the wildwood without encountering birds of every type. Wonder what will fly by next? songbird? quail?

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Angie said...

So cute! I love that bird sign!

Thanks so much for the follow!

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