Friday, October 15, 2010

Chapel of Love I do! I do!

Jody & I were married 26 years ago today!

I remember the sweetest things about the ceremony: how the church was decorated, about the smiling faces and hugs. Jody was a very handsome groom and I was so excited to be his bride. I still have the halo headpiece and some of the silk flowers.

We took our vows and celebrated with our family and friends on October 15, 1984 - our wedding was at night (on a Monday?) don't know what we were thinking by chosing that day/time. I must have been the only time we could get the pastor. The church in South Nashville is one that we still drive past on a regular basis.

I even kept a little bride's diary, that mostly has dates or phone numbers for ordering. The sales receipt for my wedding gown was used as a bookmark, with various other odd items tucked into the flap. For some strange reason, I still have that little pink diary.

My mother, Mallie and Jody's mother, Marjorie got together for a luncheon with the bride and we assembled a bunch of throw packets for the guests: they were made of rice tucked into folded silk and wrapped onto a stick to create a rose! The guests would sling the rose and send the rice flying out at us.

Jody & I have a wonderful marriage, and it's fun to go back in time and pull those gentle memories out of the past.

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