Tuesday, October 26, 2010

gettin all sqrly

Another woodland creature that makes a delightful subject for my art:


My most recent custom order was for a series of clever woodburned signs for a garden space. This round piece features a fuzzy fellow with an alert expression. He welcomes his guests to the 'Nut House' while guarding a few precious nuts for himself. My customer writes: Once again, you delivered! I'm so happy with the way the signs came out. They're gonna look wonderful out in my yard

I've also used squrriels as part of my painted rocks. These little buddies are hugging; their position allowed me to use the natural contours of the rock and fill the space

In this medieval art, a squirrel is incorporated into the background. A large woodburned piece with many characters surrounding a mounted knight. Medieval Knight Returns is my best ever woodburning creation; the quality of work remains true to the original. Find this piece for sale in my ARTFIRE shop for $255.00

These woodburned bookends feature a small gray squirrel with a few acorns. One end has

"Once Upon a Time"

this end has "and they lived happliy ever after" The storybook bookends are on sale now in my ARTFIRE shop $64.00

Squirrels, rabbits, frogs and birds - the wildwood creatures find their way into my crafts.

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