Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Life! old apron becomes a dreamy bag

She dreamed it!

"I literally woke up one morning with the plan for this bag" said Jessica on her thimble+bobbin blog.

The vintage apron was a seller-to-seller trade on Etsy from our Edge of the Wildwood vintage inventory. Jessica wanted to make a bag for her Mom for Christmas, using the apron and some handbag handles from her fabric store.

With only a few days until Christmas....the 'plan' dream happened to Jessica and she was able to work out a beautiful reconstruct. The "Gracious Me" apron was fashioned into a sweet, functional handbag.

Jessica has her own successful vintage shop on Etsy called PEPPER VINTAGE

please visit:)

Get all the particulars on this project at thimble+bobbin

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