Friday, December 24, 2010

special sneak preview Laiska Lodge

I've been hired to create a custom woodburned sign for a rustic residence in Pennsylvannia! I have a wonderful opportunity here to share some of the details of the project, and give my customer a glimpse into the signwork that will from this day be called "Laiska Lodge".

'Laiska' is a Finnish word for lazy; and 'Lodge' is where this laid back family likes to wile away the hours

A large oval signboard was selected (16" x 10.5") made from basswood. The crosscut slab still has the bark intact and provides an ideal surface for the burning. The sign is intended to be posted outdoors at the end of a driveway, so a double coating of clear coat resin will be applied to seal the piece and protect it from the elements.

Every detail of the design has been carefully planned by my buyer: the lettering style and placement, and the relationship to the artwork! The recliner will replicate a favorite easy chair from a cabin that once sat on the property - and will be prominently featured on the sign.

As the sign develops, I'll be posting more photos and notes that follow the LAISKA LODGE signwork to completion - so come back and visit my blog often in the next few weeks!

*Merry Christmas to Larry*

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